Wednesday, August 5, 2015


If you've been around here long, you'll know that I love Jesus.  He's my main man and my rock.  I trust Him and rely on Him.  Jesus loves me.  And He loves you, too.

Today I want to tell you a little story about provision and I'm gonna jump on a soapbox for a moment, too.  Bear with me.  I promise not to offend anyone.  :)

Many years ago my older sister was a young wife with two small children, married to a pastor.  They were on a fixed and limited income and they relied on God to take care of their "needs" and especially their "wants".  She kept a list on her fridge of things she "wanted".  I happened upon that list one day and asked what it was all about.  There were three things there including throw pillows for her sofa.

She told me that she couldn't afford to buy those things, but she wrote them down and offered them up to God.  She trusted that He knew her heart and her desires and that if He wanted her to have them, then He would provide a way.

She would pray over her list (and add needed items to it) when she went out garage sale-ing on the weekends.  And ALL THE TIME God would meet her heart's desires right where she was in a driveway.  It was amazing!  She needed school supplies and there they were, new in a package!  Those pillows?  Perfect condition in someone's garage.  Clothes?  Yep, they were there, too.  God PROVIDED for my sister and her young family.

I look around myself and see American excess.  And yet, I'm a purger.  I find things to give away at least once a month.  It's a habit that mostly does me well.  Occasionally I will wish I hadn't given that one thing away, but for the most part, I love to give.  I pray fervently that I will be known for generosity and if there's one thing that goes on my tombstone, I will be happy if that's it.

Kim Hudson Frakes: Beloved wife, mother, giver.  Lover of Jesus and people.

I've learned generosity from my parents.  All three.  They've been generous with me for my whole life.  Even the one who chooses to love me although I'm not her own.  Parents teach generosity without saying a word.  I hope I'm passing this along as well.

So yesterday, I was planning to unpack and decorate my new classroom at school.  I'm getting excited for school to start.  To meet my new littles (who you may hear a little about soon because kids are hysterical).  I'm looking forward to a new group, a new challenge, a new start.  And yet, I began realizing the things my room is lacking.  So I put out a call on facebook for anyone who might have a generous heart.  And WOW, did God provide.  I got not only what I asked for, but BETTER than I had even imagined!  A globe?  How about on a stand?  A bookshelf?  A nice tall one work for ya, Kim?  Yes.  God was good to me today.

I have a hard time admitting that I can't do it all.  I don't like showing a crack in my shell.  But every once in a while, God teaches me a little about myself when He directs me to use other people for His glory.  So THANK YOU to those of you who donated.  And THANK YOU to anyone reading who has considered being generous to a teach in need.  Teachers pull out of their pockets every year in every classroom.  It's a huge blessing to them when you share your excess.

I'm looking forward to sharing the before and afters of my classical education classroom.  Wondering how that differs from a regular ed class?  Think Pottery Barn, not red, yellow, and blue.  I think you'll enjoy what you find.  See you soon!