Monday, February 8, 2016


What goes around, comes around.  Right?  Well after I posted that last little diddy about my tragic eyebrow wax (which was a little strongly worded, please don't think less of my mom.  She had her mama bear claws out, understandably), karma bit me in the butt.  This is the story where I redeem myself for making my mom look bad.  I hope.

I told you I wax my own eyebrows, so naturally, anyone in my family who needs a good tightening up, gets it done by you-know-who.  This could include, but is not limited to, my daughter, sisters, a nephew who will never be named, and many a friend through the years (both female and male).  Don't worry, if you're a man and you're my friend, I would never wax your face without your permission.

You should know that this usually accompanies an evening of laughter and discussions about things that never leave that room. And a glass of wine.  Or three.

To be sure, when mama and her friends head to the master bath, you know there's some waxing about to go down.  By a completely uncertified, and certifiable, not-so-much-an-esthetician gal.  Little ol' me.  I mean, I'm not qualified by an stretch of the State's imagination, but since no one is paying me, I figure, who could sue me?

So back to the story.

I was waxing my daughter's eyebrows.  All was well. There was no wine involved.  And then it happened.

The wax was a leetle thick.  And it spread when I laid the strip on top of it.  And soooooo.... well.... a leetle more hair came off than expected.  oops.

When my daughter turned to the mirror, she knew at once something was wrong.  It could have been instinct.  OR it could have been that I gasped after ripping off the muslin.  Who knows.

She yelled into the mirror an unnamed cuss word.  Then she literally BURST into tears.  And then she screamed the unnamed cuss word.  {Apparently the cussy thing has caught on around this place.}  Finally, she looked me in the eye with hot tears streaming down her cheeks and yelled "You have ruined my life!  This is the worst day of my entire life! What the h*(# were you thinking???"


What to do?  What to do.  I couldn't glue those little follicles back on!  So when I finally pulled myself together (because who could actually keep themselves from laughing.  is there a more reasonable response??), I got on my knees and begged forgiveness.  It took her a few minutes to come off the ledge, but she did finally forgive me.  Thank goodness.  Because I'm not paying someone to wax her eyebrows when I can clearly do it myself.