Sunday, March 6, 2016

i am a walmart mom.

I had a moment today.

We are only days away from leaving for a big trip.  We needed snacks and travel sized everythings.  So the whole fam damily loaded up and headed to the Super Walmart.

While there, every. single. person. in my family was vying for the products they believed they needed to add to the cart. Things like pringles and body spray and selfie sticks.  The cart was filling fast with tiny things.

And then my daughter piped up.  She needed new shoes.


Because when we go hiking, she wasn't willing to wear her chacos.  Her ridiculously priced and previously purchased chacos.  You know, the ones we were planning for her to wear the whole time.

Again, why?

Because, like, last year when we bought them (for her birthday), she, like, bought them a little off in size.  Like, she bought them thinking, like, they would fit a little better.  But, like, they fit exactly, and like, not even a little too big.

Are you hearing what I'm hearing?  Wait, they fit, and that's a problem?  Well then why didn't we buy them to not fit?  And when did I become the adult making fun of the teenager saying like all the time?  I used to be her!

No, MOM.  Ugh, you just don't understand.

{meanwhile, over my right shoulder...}
Mom.  Mooom.  MOM!  <tap tap tap> Mom!  Moooooom.  <tap tap tap> Hey!  Mom!

And this, dear reader, is when I lost my $#!T in Walmart, becoming "that Walmart mom".  You know the one... she raises her voice and yells at her kids in public.  Yep!  That was ME!  Yippee!

In my defense, I think only one Walmart customer turned and looked at me, but I'm pretty sure since my kids are teenagers and I wasn't raising a hand to swat anyone, she quickly turned away to ignore me.

Man, I love it when God humbles me.  It's ugly and real.  And it brings me off my high horse and down to the ground, where I actually reside.

Because I'm really just a hot mess, going through life generally thinking I'm doing okay in this gig.  But clearly, I'm not.  Clearly I'm as human as they come.  And in desperate need of more patience.