Wednesday, March 4, 2015

everything and the kitchen sink

Wow!  It's been quite a week!  Between running to and from my bank to get everything squared away, I've been working and homeschooling and going to vocal music concerts.  It's a busy life.

So today I present you with my current dilemna.  We really want a farmhouse sink.  So I went on the internet and pinterest to pluck some pictures for you to see.  It's hard to decide!  And I have many years ahead in this pretty kitchen, so I want to do this right.

Here are the options.  What's your favorite??



Or Copper?
from home depot online


  1. White! Stainless will spot and copper isn't as timeless. Check out ikea for an inexpensive one!!

  2. Thank you girls! My husband was jumping into the stainless or copper camp but I think I've fully convinced him now. The power of "group thinking"!

  3. White 100% BTW I'm dying for a farmhouse sink.