Monday, March 30, 2015

the votes are in!

Good news!  For at least, well, half of you!  Turns out when you put a room color like kelly green and navy to a vote, there are only 2 people who like one more than the other.  Who knew!  So, Pottery Barn Navy it is!  Coming soon to a laundry room near you!

We spent the weekend over at the house, pulling weeds, cleaning windows, meeting new neighbors, and scraping stars off the ceiling.  My body is tired and my nails have gone to crap.  (insert sad face here.  they are the one good thing left on my body.  ugh.)

I took a few breaks, here and there, to watch in awe as my husband picked up the slack and did things like cleaning the doors.

Good job, honey! 

Do you spy the new white cabinetry?  Oh yes, friend.  It's taking shape!  The walls are also primed and ready to paint.  And speaking of paint, are you ready for the new living room color?  Here are a before and after.

 Isn't it wonderful??

Ahhhhhh, I'm loving this change.  And with my last picture, I give you the kitchen with it's new coat of paint.



I love the amount of light that the new colors bring into this space.  And at this point, I'm ready to be IN.  But there's SO much more to do.

And miles to go before we sleep.  Miles to go before we sleep.

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