Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Falling Free

It's funny how the heart begins to change, little by little, as we read, talk, and share ideas.

Recently I threw my name in the hat for a Book Launch Team.  I'd never done this before, but I love to read, so I applied and was super excited to be accepted to the team.  The book came in the form of a pdf, which proved slightly challenging, but I was no less excited to soak in the words of this awesome writer.

Shannan Martin lives in Indiana.  She's a mama and a wife, a blogger and an instagrammer, and she is living a life that most of us would only cringe to dream about.  She left everything behind in the countryside, where she started her popular blog and moved to the inner city.  She and her husband put their money where their mouths were and trusted God with EVERYTHING... Their money, their future, their children, their safety, their very lives.  And Falling Free is the story of how it all came to pass.

I won't give anything away here, but let me assure you, LOVE WINS.  In the biggest and most God-sized way possible.  You will love her heart for those with less.  Take a look at this example that blew my mind...

I had never heard it put in that way before.  Can you imagine if we all stepped out, opened our eyes and hands, and poured into the people out there that need our capital?  

A few years ago, I ran into an old student at a sporting event.  He's in high school now, but I had him as a fourth grader.  I've never known why, but God has placed this child on my heart... to the point that I would literally take him in and make him my son to this day.  My whole family knows this, and they've all agreed that when and if that day comes, he will be ours.  No questions asked.  Here's his story.

Since reading this book, I've been thinking about this kid specifically.  I've been praying for him with abandon.  And my heart is opening up to where God is leading me with this new paradigm.  I'm thankful Shannan put her words to a page, because all the people on this launch team share about the many ways their hearts are shifting and opening.  And community is so important.

The other part of her book that has shaken me to my core, is this next blurb.  

AMEN! Right?  How often are you comforted with the story of another person?  For me, hearing the healing from hurts that can cripple a soul have allowed me to find freedom in the forgiveness of my own sin.  I love the times that God prompts my heart to share my story with people who not once, but EVERY time, have replied with tears that they have the same story to tell.  We find that moving beyond pain is the realization that there is no shame in sins that are forgiven!  Once God wipes our slate clean, there is nothing that can hold us in darkness any longer except Satan telling us that we should live in shame.  Sharing your story breaks your stronghold, friend.  Don't allow the enemy to hold you in bondage anymore!

Anyway, back to Shannan!  hehe!

Dear Reader, please consider buying this book.  It will open your eyes in the most wonderful ways and you won't be able to stop telling people about it.  Just ask me.  ;)