Tuesday, March 31, 2015

a good day

You know, in home construction, there are good days and there are bad days.  Some days there are three guys there, working at once.  And some days no one shows up.  For days.

Well for some reason, yesterday, the stars aligned.

As soon as I got to the house, I could tell the painters had been there.  The kitchen had been painted!

And so THAT made me happy.

But THEN!  I was at the house, eating a picnic lunch on the floor with my son when my sweet friend Carol arrived.  She brought with her ideas galore and also a painting by the amazing Kristy Gammill.  YOU WILL SALIVATE when you get to see that art in a frame, people.  I feel like I just won the art lotto and I have The Unlikely Farmgirl to thank for it!  But more on that later.

After Carol left, I started on that project called: Ask the internet what color to paint your laundry room and then do it.  And boys and girls, I'm hear to tell you that Pottery Barn Naval is a SERIOUS navy.  Like CLOSE TO BLACK, people.

Do you remember how I told you that the mister has decorating opinions?  Oh, maybe not?  Well HE DOES.  And it took about 30 minutes of me explaining why he shouldn't hate this color for him to stop hating this color.  Now he doesn't HATE the color.  He just dislikes it.  But he (we) will get over it.  :)

The one thing that was great about him dropping by to visit is that he finally got it right and showed up with a (gasp) COLD beer in hand!  One!  But it's a start!  And that made things better, too!

If you haven't seen the house in person, I'll explain that this is the view from the living room into the hall and laundry room.  And this is where I sat while I watched THIS happening, which MADE MY ENTIRE DAY.

Oh yes.  A good day in the construction world, indeed.

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  1. Girl. I like that Navy. It's regal and royal and will be ever so classy when it's all put together. I'm sad to hear the mister doesn't care for it. Please pass my apologies on to him. Hang in there. It's looking really good. The kitchen is looking fabulous and don't eve get me started on those beams!