Saturday, March 7, 2015

we mean business

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but when I set out to do something, I mean business.  Friends who have known us through the years of remodeling and building houses, know that when we have a project to do, we Make. It. Happen.  So today, the magic began.

While we were working on our projects, our tile guy was working away downstairs, ripping up the floors.  Success!  The whole kitchen is ready to begin laying tile tomorrow!  Yippee!!

And meanwhile, upstairs in Abby's room... Mama was painting.

I can never get a normal picture.  This guy was excited to jump in front of the camera.

This is Sherwin-Williams Breaktime.  It's a mint-blue.  And I'm in love.

I'm excited to move in and put her new furniture in there with these yummy walls.  Stay tuned on that deal.

And in other news, our son was at tournaments all day while the sweet girl was gone to a concert.  And so, they were no help.  Actually, maybe it was more helpful that they WEREN'T there.  :)
All that to say that while I was painting and the tile guy was making a lot of noise, Mr. Mister was in and out of the house.  When he came later in the afternoon, he wanted to get his hands dirty, so I suggested he begin sanding the new (old) table for our new kitchen.  And my, oh my, did we find a diamond in the rough!

I found this table on facebook in a sale group.  It was the perfect size.  And we loved the shape, the bones, and the pedestal.  Plus it had these cute little casters!  But we made big plans to paint it for the new breakfast nook.

thank you 405 upscale resale and Crystal

THIS is what happened after the Mr. got ahold of a sander.

oh. my.  there is so much yummy goodness in that wood there.

I could go buy this table at Pottery Barn, I'm pretty sure. 

Well, not THIS table, since it is an antique and not a Pottery Barn table.  But surely you get the point.  Adding the distress to that table makes it all kinds of better.  And so then I put a screeching halt to the plans to paint the table after sanding.  And this is how we will use it, right here.  Mmmmm, mmmm, good.

So of course, we had to go shopping immediately for the chairs and bench we will be using with our new beauty!  Because who doesn't love to go shopping?

Sneak Peak on the chairs:

Aaaaaand, the dinner I ate after painting, and working, and shopping, oh my.

that cup is called "sloppy" by the way.  try it.  trust me on this.

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