Saturday, March 21, 2015

what happens on vacation

Well hello again!

What do you think happens when you go on a week-long vacation while you're in the throws of a home renovation? Any guesses?

Well, shockingly, the ball kept rolling!  As slowly as balls roll in the construction business.  Our tile went in! They taped off for painting the cabinets!  And they installed our entry light fixture!  Hey!  I'd call that a success!

So where will we start first? Let me show you the guest bath.  I will start at the very beginning, before we bought the house.

The tile in the guest bathroom was the same tile from the kitchen.  It was fine!  But not our style.  In the kitchen, we needed a change, but in the bathroom, who cares.  Leave it there and make that project part of Plan B or C.  Here's how it looked in the beginning.

See?  Fine.  Add a cute shower curtain and accessories call it a day. But noooooo.  We have a friend named Carol, remember?  And she gave us inspiration!  And a renewed sense of purpose for that all-important bathroom.  The one that ALL our guests will use!  So off to the races we went.

This got torn out right before we left town. And our hopes were high. Trinidad (our amazing tile guy) DID NOT disappoint.

I wish you could hear me squealing! And this isn't even the finished product! It will be finalized with black grout in the next few days. And then we need to go buy a toilet. STAT. I love that I friends who know that I don't do other people's toilets. In 6 houses, I've never sat on another owner's toilet. It's a must. I can't do it.  You'd be smart to follow my lead on this proclamation.  ;)

Oh! And by the way, while we were in New York City, I ran into an anthropologie.  They have the COOLEST knobs.  And you can bet your sweet biffy we bought our cabinet hardware that Carol used on the Spaces and Spots.  Actually, we bought part of it.  The Mister wanted to do something different, so I went with it.  It will be smashing.  :)

Now I leave you with our new entry light fixture.  I smile from ear to ear when I stand in its presence.

it's love.  true love.

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