Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spaces and Spots and talented friends.

I have this friend.  She's super talented.  She's got five kids, she lives on a farm.  And recently I encouraged her to start a blog.  She has a way with words and her stories are hilarious.  She's a Pioneer Woman waiting to happen, only funnier.  Please, go check her out.  She's called The Unlikely Farmgirl because she's just that.

What you won't find on her blog, but I'll be "encouraging" this soon, too, is the fact that her "little" farmhouse is ah-ma-zing.  And there seems no end to her talents as a baker, crafter, and maker of things to happen.  For instance, she came by our new house the other day while I was painting.  She brought a sweet housewarming gift, all tied up with a little piece of twine.  CUTE!

See that blue egg crate on the bottom?  We share a love for chickens and fresh eggs.

While she was there, she gave us all 2 cents of her opinions.  I like that in her.  I appreciate people who shoot me straight, because I am a straight shooter.  So she gave us her honest opinions and suggestions and off she went, back to the farm.  We were left mulling over some great ideas.  What to adopt?  What to stay the course on?  Lots to consider.

And THEN, another one of her talents reared it's amazing head.  The next morning, before I had had a chance to think about this new house we just bought, she sent me a text.  Oh, you know, no big deal.  Just thinking about your guest bathroom and I came up with this board to help you decorate it.  She calls it Spaces and Spots.  And I am in awe.  Who does this stuff for fun??  Apparently talented people like my friend, Carol.

WHAAA??  YES!  I'll take ALL of it!!

Yah, like I said, no big deal.  All in a morning's work.  That's right, dear reader, it's like having my own interior designer.  Only I couldn't afford to pay for her.  

What you can't see on this board is the wall choice that she also came up with.  Paint the walls white.  Or Sea Salt (gray)!  And then paint a pearlized finish on top!

Snap!  Yah, I'm going to make this happen.  I love it.  And we already bought the hex tile.  This may be my new favorite room, next to the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, the tile has been removed, the floors prepped, and today, my dear friends, our new tile gets laid.  Hallelujah! (are you singing that?  because I was when I wrote it.  please, join me.)

Here is another before photo.  Paint starts next week!  Eeeek!  SO excited.

Sneak peek at the tile (which will be laid in a brick pattern) and grout options:

I would ask for your 2 cents but this picture doesn't give a true picture of the colors, so it would be a fruitless endeavor.  But not to worry, this will be beautiful when it's done.  :)

Off to pack!

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  1. I CAN'T wait to see the tile in that kitchen!!! And you are too kind to talk so kindly about me. You know how to warm a heart!