Friday, March 27, 2015


Guess what??  I am going to allow YOU, dear reader, to pick the color of my laundry room!  How fun is THAT??

I am sitting on the fence.  I have two great colors to choose from and no reason to jump off the fence.  So I had an idea!  Let the readers decide!  But we're going to need to make this snappy, so get ready.

Here's the current laundry room.  The tile has been laid, but not grouted.  And the cabinets are staying put, white.  I will be getting new little knobs, but only after YOU choose the wall color.  :)

And the light fixture will go from this ugly strip light:

To this fun copper pendant from

And last, you should know that our washer and dryer are stainless.  SO!  Are you ready?  Now remember, laundry rooms are the perfect place for fun colors!  And I love them both.  Now you decide! Here are the inspiration colors: Perennial from Benjamin Moore

thank you hgtv magazine!

OR Pottery Barn navy!  

So, what say you, internet?  You can vote in one of two places: here in the comment section or on the facebook thread where I've posted this blog.  I will go with whichever one you decide and it will get painted early next week.  I'm not giving you long to decide!  Place your vote by Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. CST and watch for the magic to happen!  Thank you for reading!


  1. I say navy, too. Will look gorgeous with that light!!!

  2. Green!!! We are painting our master bathroom a beautiful shade right now! :)