Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Have you seen the HGTV show Fixer Upper?  Well I put on my best writing charm and applied to be on the show.  DON'T YOU THINK THIS HOUSE REMODEL IS PERFECT FOR THEIR SHOW????  Well apparently, they aren't "currently filming" outside a 40 mile radius of Waco, Texas.  Hello!!  I'm not THAT far north of there!!  PLEASE, Joanna!  Come see me!!  Chip!  We will show you a fun and amusing time here in little ole Norman, Oklahoma!  I hope you'll reconsider.  My family is FUNNY.  We would be "ratings GOLD" as Mr. Mister says.  Oh well, fine.  I'll give you time to think.  I'm not giving up the dream.

So as time marches on, it turns out that when you are a small business owner and self employed, they want your blood type, your child's first child, and every paper you've ever touched in your life, gathered into one stack.  Yah, closing on time?  Who knows at this point.  But close we will.

I march on with my remodel dreams.

courtesy of google images

My husband and I are sitting here with dualing computers.  I'm showing him these garage doors with pergolas.  And then he did the best thing.  That counseling sure helped our marriage!  Listen to how he shut me down just now, so nicely:

Me: See this? We could even buy a kit and build it!

Him: I like the way you think.  I just think that if it isn't done right, you'll be really unhappy.

Did you catch that?  SHUT. DOWWWWWN.
So no pergola for me.  At least in "Phase 1".  Don't worry, I may still win in the end. (wink, wink)

Now, back to the kitchen.  We are still tossing around the backsplash for our amazing granite.  It has come down to two choices.  Are you ready??

We will either do a marble subway tile set on a herringbone like this:

thank you internet for the picture.

OR this amazing tile.  It's different.  It's off the beaten path.  But we keep coming back to it!  So it's a strong contender.  Moroccan tile.  It's awesome.

google images, again.

So!  As you can see, we are willing to take risks.  Any thoughts?  Do tell.

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