Monday, February 23, 2015

kitchen candy

Today marks T minus 12 days and counting til we close.

It's kind of ridiculous around here these days. During our free time at night, when we used to read a book (me) or watch tv (them), now we all sit in front of different computer screens. Mr. Mister has been researching kitchen tables and sofas. I KID YOU NOT. I spend time looking at every double named website there is. Dot and Bo, Joss and Main, Lulu and Georgia. Ridiculous, I tell you. But we have got inspiration galore and we can both envision the beautiful house we will soon be living in.

Last weekend we went granite shopping. It was our second go-around so we were old pros. (Not.) But we did sleep a week on the granite we chose the week before, so we felt pretty confident in our selection.

Side note here: G had the flu on Friday, and we were due to go make our final selection that day. I had this actual conversation that I believe should nominate me for Wife of the Year. It went like this:

Me: Since G has the flu, one of us needs to stay home with him. And whoever stays home needs to TRUST the other person to make good choices for our family.

Mr.: Ohhhhhh, so I guess you just want me to trust YOU!

Me: No, actually, I TRUST YOU. I volunteer as tribute. Plus, G was sick yesterday and all my mom guilt was eating at me all day since I wasn't home with him and you were.

 Mr.: Really? Are you serious? You really don't mind me going??

Yes, dear reader, I allowed my husband to go choose our granite slabs. Wife Of The Year, RIGHT?? Well, it turns out, the pressure was too much. He went but couldn't choose. And the next day, we were off to OKC together. Drumroll please.....

It's called Cold Springs and to look at it in person is to be in the presence of a thing of beauty. This slab is amazing, y'all. I know you'll love it when it's all put together.

Speaking of putting it together, are you good at decorating in your mind? Cuz that's the kind of people we are (I know that was bad grammar, btw.). The Mr. and I both have a knack for redecorating an entire house without every seeing the individual things together ahead of time. So hopefully you can catch our vision here.

These are the lights that will hang over the kitchen sink (first) and the island (second). The cabinets in our kitchen will be white, if that helps you.

Don't you love that price? I need two, so I sure do.

 Again, must have two. But these will be so flippin' cool once they are hung. Eeeeeeeeeee!

 And the last sneak peek I leave you with today is this. I hope you can hear the angels singing over this "kitchen candy." I learned that term this weekend. It's so fitting, right? Not necessary, but OH SO FUN to have. And of course you are welcome to come visit any time and enjoy a glass of wine with me!
Are you kidding. #itevenlightsup Swooooooon.

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  1. I *think* I can see where you're going with your vision and I like it! Especially that last part. :) And the granite is beautiful!