Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Farm Girl Fair

Warning!  This is my shameless plug for the Farm Girl Fair.

We are less than a month out now for the Farm Girl Fair, people!  Less than 30 days until over 50 vendors of handmade things come to the Sandy River Ranch and set up shop!  I can not tell you how excited and stressed and nervous I am.  My two girls and I text all day long, every day.  The artistically talented Lindsi Niebur, The Unlikely Farmgirl Carol Bauman and I are working our tails off to remember EVERY. LAST. DETAIL.

There's nothing like inventing a wheel.  Which is really what we're doing.

There's no handbook for how to throw a fair.  But that's good!  Because we get to invent it ourselves!  And we have so many cute details to pull off.  It's going to be awesome.

What IS the Farm Girl Fair, you ask?  It's an old fashioned "County Fair" feel (think Charlotte's Web) with vendors that lean more towards artsy than craftsy, live entertainment, a Pie Tasting Contest (wanna enter?  There's still room!  But time is running out.  Click here to enter!), a petting zoo, hay rides, and a Farm Girl Fair Photo Booth.  There will be a make and take area for kids and food vendors for the hungry.  Yes, this is a BIG DEAL.  A lot of details to be pulled off.  But we are well on our way!  And we're super excited.

My guest room has turned into my personal Farm Girl Fair headquarters.  I told hubby to expect a mess for the next month.  "Just look away" I say.  ;)

So here it is, my beautiful mess:

That produced these, among other goodies...

Y'ALL.  We are having fun preparing.  Check out this cutie from The Unlikely Farmgirl!  She'll kill me for posting it, but HELLO??  HOW CUTE IS IT???

AND WHAT THE WHA?  How cute are these cake toppers from our very own Lindsi Niebur??

See you at the Fair!

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  1. I sooooo wish I could be there for this fantastic event! You had me at Charlotte's Web.