Wednesday, April 22, 2015

moving stinks.

Wow.  Do you remember how much moving stinks?  Have you moved recently?  If not, I highly discourage it.  Especially if you've been settled in for like 7 years at your house.  Because it turns out that when you "settle in", you fill EVERY nook and cranny with your crap.  And then when you go to move, you realize there is a never ending packing job ahead.

I've told you before that we have had 7 houses now.  I got REALLY good at purging the "stuff" along the way because when you move that often, you realize how much you didn't need that salad spinner or rice cooker (sorry if that's blasphemy to you!). Apparently I had collected NEW salad spinners and rice cookers while I sat in one house for that long, and now I'm reaping the consequences of those silly things.

We did the dumbest thing ever with this move.  AND WE KNOW BETTER.  We packed up our stuff by throwing it in the car and driving it away.  Yep, only about 15 boxes for these dummies.  How hard can it be?  We don't have that much stuff, right?  Wrong-o.  Turns out, throwing stuff in the car like you're a college kid again, is NOT the most effective way to move a house.  Lesson learned.

We had movers come last Saturday.  We got a U-Haul on Friday, and we've taken numerous trips back and forth.  Thank goodness we only moved 3/4 of a mile away!  AND YET.  There is STILL STUFF IN THAT HOUSE!  Good gravy.  I vow to get it all out by the end of the week.  And mostly because I need that STUFF to do a big fat garage sale here in the new neighborhood.  WHY SO SOON, KIM?  Well because apparently this weekend is THE garage sale for our neighborhood.  If we want free advertising and lots of traffic, we'll have to do it now.  So strap in!  It's going to be a busy ride!

Want to see the house?  Well, remember, it's not unpacked yet.  We've put all our effort into moving.  So bear with me.  I'll continue updating as we decorate.  It will become my new "purpose." ;)

Remember this old bathroom?

Well, she's not done yet, but here's the closest we've gotten in any room to being complete.

I like to just stand in the doorway and look at this bathroom.  The color makes me smile.

I can also give you a peek at the kitchen, but we're missing the chalkboard door that's coming any day.  And also some switch plates.  And lightbulbs.  And appropriately sized bar stools and.... imagine it with me, will you?

Yes, it's coming along.  I'm hoping soon I can stop filling my car and start focusing on this sweet home.

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