Monday, April 27, 2015

an epiphany

Last Saturday I had a garage sale.  So soon after you moved, Kim?  Why yes, so soon.  It was great, actually.  I got rid of all kinds of things and made space in the process.  It was awesome.

Garage sales are a crazy beast.  The people who come?  Generally friendly and always happy to get a good deal.  But I had one guy who came in, talking loudly, and acting like he owned the place.  Then he told me he would get "this sign" off my hands for $1 IF I let him use the bathroom.  He "had to pee like a racehorse." UMMMM, no THANK you?  Seriously.  I'm not sure what planet he lived on, but in my world, we don't need the dollar that badly.  Nor do we want complete strangers wandering through our home uninvited.

However, speaking of strangers wandering our home, at one point this sweet lady came through and was talking about remodeling her home when my husband got excited and invited her in to see our new kitchen!  Hahahaha!!!  Only MY mister.  He's never met a stranger.

So now that THAT'S behind us, we have been unloading boxes and hanging things on the walls.  Which is my favorite part.  And I'm finally ready to show you around some more! 

Our breakfast room was an add-on by the previous owner, which we love, but it needs curtains.  So hold tight, they'll be here soon.  In the meantime, here's the way it's turned out so far, with cute stuff on the walls finally.

 Don't you love all the light?  I almost hate to put anything on that window, but you know what they say... Curtains are the lipstick of a room.

So this crazy thing happened when I had that garage sale.  It's called an epiphany.  I was standing there with all these people rummaging through my "stuff" when this cute lady asked me a question that stopped me in my tracks.

"Did you own a shop or something?  You're stuff is so cute."

Oh..... Snap.

No, I've never owned a shop.  Although I'd love to.

This got me thinking.  And looking around.  How in the world have I accumulated so many "things"?  Things that are temporary and fleeting.  Things that won't come with me into eternity.

And that's when I remembered my friend Carol.  She recently gave me a book that I had started reading in passing.  

This book has given me a new way to look at my home.  I had a lot of grand plans to redecorate.  To invent a new style when we moved here.  But reading this book and hearing that question, so flippantly asked, brought me to an important epiphany.

I love my home.  I love my family.  I love my Jesus.  And I need to be content with those three things.  I need to use what I've got and not go out searching for "more".  Because more is not better.  It's just MORE.

I hope as I continue on this blogging journey to show you what LESS looks like.  I like to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  So I'm hoping to bring new life to the things that seemed lifeless to me before last Saturday.  Things that I was blessed to be able to purchase before.  

The things that made me happy before will make me happy again.  Amen.

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