Friday, May 1, 2015

a work in progess

I'm a do-er.  Take for instance yesterday.  After working all day, I came home and hung a pantry door, installed light plates and planted a pot of flowers for our front yard.  Then, I took pictures for you, dear reader, and fell into bed.  It was a long day.

What I'm coming to find in this new home is that there JUST AREN'T ENOUGH HOURS IN MY DAY.

Can I get an amen?

Slow and steady wins the race and today you get to see the next step in my slow race journey.

The new pantry door.  It's a magnetic chalkboard, like the REAL DEAL, not homemade.  I got it from Forest here in Norman.  Check them out y'all, because they have some UNREAL kitchens and cabinet hardware!

I have this wildly talented and extremely generous mother-in-law.  This week my husband had his 43rd birthday and his mama made him curtains for our new kitchen as a gift.  He is the ONLY man I know who would be happy to get curtains for his birthday, by the way.  And only because he is bothered by open windows in his home.  I could leave them open, but he doesn't like feeling like he's in a fishbowl.  I say who really wants to look at us anyway??  But nevertheless, I do love a good curtain.  Especially when they're made by his mama.

She gave us the "lipstick" for our breakfast room.  We are still debating what to put above, fabric wise.  I know, I know, this is very non-committal of me.  But I need to look at more fabric stores before I decide.  :)

Also, I haven't been good about showing you the living room!  So here is a shot from the kitchen.

And here's a view of the backside of the kitchen wall.

Don't hold the empty walls against me.  Remember, I'm a work in progress.  I mean, my HOME is a work in progress.  wink, wink.  :)  Let's keep it real, we're ALL a work in progress.  Amen?

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