Thursday, May 14, 2015

our dreamchild

Earlier this year, through a series of texts about a craft show in Northwest Arkansas, my friend Carol and I dreamed up an event called The Farmgirl Fair.  Remember Carol?  She's The Unlikely Farmgirl.  You must visit her website.  But you're more lucky to just know her in person.  She's amazingly multi-talented.

Anyway.  We sat down at a restaurant with our other wildly talented friend, Lindsi, and dreamed some more.  What would we want sold at our fair?  We love the idea of all local.  We love handmade items.  We love art!  We love unique.  How big can we make it?  What would we call this?  Who would come?  Are we crazy to think this could actually work?

We believe the answer is yes.  And we can't wait to share our vision with you in person on September 26th.  Imagine with me, if you will, Charlotte's Web County Fair.  There are pigs and horses, booths with local artists and produce, a pie tasting contest, hayrides.  Are you catching my drift?  Bunting strung all around, a petting zoo, and the cutest things available for purchase.  Can you see why it makes me so giddy to think about?  Yes, you need to mark your calendar and make plans to attend.  There will be live music and food to purchase when you get hungry.  I just know you'll love it.

Also?  Are you a talented gal or guy who handmakes amazing and unique items?  Are you a vintage collector wanting to share your collection with other people who would want to buy it?  What about the produce you grow or the eggs you collect at your urban farm.  Interested in selling them?

We have a limited number of booths and they are beginning to fill up.  We would love for you to apply!

Did I mention that the meager $5 (or more) entry fee will be donated to the Center for Children and Families this year?  See?  You're a philanthropist for attending!

The Farmgirl Fair will be held on a Ranch in northwest Norman on the only off week for OU football in the fall.  See?  There's no reason to miss!  We made it easy on you!  So plan to come.  Can't wait to see you there!

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